Serial killer hunter ‘Dexter’ returns for limited series run

Dexter, the hugely popular ‘serial killer who kills serial killers’ television show, will be returning to the small screen.

Pandora Launches Artist-Made 'Endless Playlist' with Alicia Keys & Billie Eilish

Pandora today introduced the Endless Playlist, where artists can share their favorite songs along with personal messages, then pass the mic

Fender Debuts All-New American Professional II Series

Fender today released the all-new American Professional II series, the second generation of its flagship electric guitars and basses.

Musicians Mourn the Death of Guitarist Eddie Van Halen

The news of the passing of guitarist Eddie Van Halen has rocked the music industry, with several musicians paying tribute to the legend.

CDs Were Outsold By Vinyl For First Time In 40 Years

As music streaming services are becoming more popular, the sale of CDs has seen a steep decline.