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GCA Provides Cybersecurity Toolkit for Journalists

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) released the GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit for Journalists at the 2020 Online News Association conference.

The toolkit is a free, operational resource aimed at helping journalists, watchdogs, and small newsrooms shore-up their cybersecurity practices. Journalists around the world have long been targets of cyber attacks, whether reporting on crime, politics, or simply being a target for the spread of disinformation.

Recent examples include an Angolan journalist reporting on the embezzlement of public funds and two Turkish journalists whose accounts and devices were compromised after reporting on the death of Turkish soldiers in Libya.   In order to provide some practical resources to manage these risks, GCA assembled a set of tools that journalists can use to shore up their cyber defenses, protect their devices and data, and help safeguard their online presence.

The GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit for Journalists supports all journalists but especially those professionals who depend on their own devices, whether they are freelancers, work for small institutions, or spend a lot of time in the field.

Watchdogs, such as those who work with vulnerable sources or manage large amounts of sensitive data, can also benefit from the tools in the toolkit. The free tools include encryption of data, set-up of automatic backups, secure communications, and more.

The toolkit follows best practice recommendations provided by the Center for Internet Security, the UK National Cybersecurity Centre, and the Australia Cybersecurity Centre. These global guidelines provide the blueprint for the organization of the toolkit and selection of the tools included.

To support adoption and use of the toolkit, GCA has also made a community forum available where members of the journalism community can pose questions, share challenges and experiences, propose solutions, and interact with each other and GCA cybersecurity experts.

[Photo by Dan Nelson on Unsplash]