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Need additional news articles or features for your publication? A few writers short and your content is lacking? Need a press release?


We deliver copy in exactly the format that you specify, in an incredibly fast turn-around time.


That doesn’t mean that the copy is hastily done either.


Through years of experience, our team of professional writers have honed their ability to deliver original, accurate, fast and error-free copy in the blink of an eye.


That is what writing-on-demand is all about!



Not sure how to proceed with a news tip? Need to flesh out your editorial calendar but don't know where to start? 

We will help you to develop an efficient strategy on how to get the most out of you editorial team - from brain-storming ideas, to assigning writers and suggesting follow-up content. 

Think of this as your personal on-demand editor-in-chief. 



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Have some content that need to be checked for spelling, grammar and consistency?


Did your writer rush through an article and it needs another pair of eyes to make sure it reads well?


Well, that is where our sub-editing service will be beneficial to you. When an article is received, we will make sure that it conforms to your style guide and correct any mistakes.


If need be, we will also rewrite the content so that it reads better. 



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Imagine: you did an interview and you have some great content on your hands. You look at the clock and realise that you simply don’t have the time to write up the interview and still get through your day.


That is where out interview transcription service comes is.


You simply pass us your interview notes, and we’ll draft a complete interview article for you.


It will save you the time to get to the things that are important to you.


If deadlines are tight, we could even do the interview on your behalf. 



Social media plays a huge role in communicating with clients, customers or followers.


Many companies and brands simply don’t get how to do social media right. Let us handle all your social media posts, messages and replies.


You don’t have to give us control of your profile either, as we can draft posts and develop a social media plan for you. 

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How you handle a crisis can make or break your brand.


You need to convey the right message without alienating shareholders, the public and most importantly, your current client base.


We can provide you with strategy to manage your crisis, and minimise the damage to your reputation.